How Can a Small Business Benefit From a Mobile App

3gMany small businesses are having a tough time competing in the market. This is especially true for the companies struggling in the online and mobile space. If you are investing in mobile apps development, chances are that you are taking assistance from a mobile app development company. But, there’s a catch! However, it’s your responsibility to guide developers. Nobody knows your customers than you do. In simple words, you need to work closely with the development team. Most leading firms allow their clients to provide valuable business insight. Here, we will discuss some more ways to develop the best mobile apps.

Realistic & Clear Goals

Small business should have clear and realistic expectations from the application. So, you must establish the aim of the application. For example, many businesses want to attract new customers. And their app should be working towards fulfilling this goal.

You mobile application can also offer a huge assortment of functionalities. However, it is always better to be certain about the end goals.

Think about Your Customer Base

Businesses must understand their targeted audience, so as to make sure that the end result is effective.

10 Benefits Of Having A Mobile App For Your Business

busCustom mobile apps are growing in demand, according to mobile app design services, some 75-80% of business owners are showing interest in having a mobile app for their business. Although, they help to improve the statistics of the business partially, their need is understood by most business owners. Below are some of the essential benefits of having a mobile app:

1. Increase in ROI – A mobile app contains diverse functions and provides a comprehensive picture of the functions available in a business. This would help to attract the app user to get in touch with the employs and ordering the product or hiring the service offered in the app. An effective mobile application can bring the Return on Investment [ROI] in no time and increase the profits tremendously.

2. Scalability – The difference between regular apps and business oriented apps is the extent of scalability. While the regular apps can only handle limited resources, the business apps can handle any kind of load and the app can be improvised if there is a need to increase the speed of processing.

3. App data – A custom

Risks Involved In Native Mobile Application Development

moMore and more businesses are turning towards native mobile applications for their businesses. Business apps have some undeniable benefits. We have seen so many success stories in the past few years, that more and more businesses are inspired to go mobile. It is hence advised that we are not blinded by possibilities. If a native mobile application is what a business wants, you will need to understand what purpose it will serve and how beneficial it will be.

Well, native mobile apps are generally downloadable applications that mobile users can install on their devices. These apps are a means for users to be in constant touch with your business. It’s great for your business too, as you can send instant notifications about your latest deals and offers etc.

However, there are some risks involved if you do not plan your application properly.

Evaluate what features you need to include in the native app. Customers are going to download your app only if they find value in keeping it constantly on their phones. If the app is redundant and does nothing but advertise your business services, it does

Benefits of Mobile Application Development For Business

2Every business knows the importance of reaching directly to the customers. Mobile technology has become an important part of our day to day life. The advent of various types of applications for smart phones has made life very simple for both business owners and customers. Businesses have acknowledged the importance of mobile application development in increasing their profitability. A mobile app gives a useful tool to the target of a business owner to fulfil its marketing and sales objective.

Mobile applications can do a lot of things, including giving you information about the new happenings in your area, calculating exchange rates, book movie tickets or cabs, providing entertainment info, improving social media interactions and letting you know about the special offers. The popularity of this form of marketing is growing at a fast pace with no signs of slowing down. There are many benefits of mobile application development for a business, some of which are listed below:

    • Increases Visibility – Statistics show that an average individual spends a lot of time on his mobile device. Mobile applications help in reinforcing a brand by increasing its visibility.

Mobile Apps Development and Its Importance in Business

21Smartphones and Mobile applications have revolutionised the communication world and became a necessity for millions of people worldwide. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the market for Smartphones grew 13 percent with 341.5 million shipments in the second quarter of 2015, and in the fourth quarter of 2015, cell phones sale grew by 9.7 per cent. The IDC also informs that in 2016, the estimated sale for the devices will cross 1.5 billion.

Together with Smartphones, Mobile Apps have also registered a phenomenal growth over the last five years. Mobile apps have become most widely used and downloaded devices in the world. According to the Statista, 2.52 billion mobile apps were downloaded by the users in 2009, and this figure is expected to reach 268.96 billion in 2017.

People are using mobile apps for multiple uses like messaging, chatting, watching videos and movies, listening songs, reading news, social networking, checking weather reports, travel services, hotel bookings, buying, selling, and many other services. There are millions of apps available on mobile stores for different uses. The users can download apps suitable to their requirements from these

Mobility As the Panacea for Smart Enterprises

w3Enterprises are looking at mobility as a key enabler for their business process automation as they adopt more affluent and more personalized experience for their customers of the digital age. In the recent years, mobile devices have grown from enabling business emails and data on the move to providing interesting, easy-to-access mobile applications and services for all businesses to react faster and get more flexible to succeed.

Apart from differentiated and strong enterprise mobility services, efficient mobility rollouts are enabling organizations to get more productive and customer-centric by making information available at the right time to the right person. Enterprises are leveraging smart and secured mobility solutions to give their end-users a more personal and convenient experience, earning their satisfaction and loyalty.

Mobility, Key Driver for Business Innovation

The significant rise in demand of Mobile Apps is reaching far and wide. They have created a huge impact by ensuring instant-connectivity between business and among the end-users. While Mobile App developers take advantage of connectivity of mobile phones and add a social experience to their applications, any business can benefit from such technologies because they increase productivity, lessen

The Dependable Factors

32Hiring good developers are often very costly. The charge of the developers is difficult to bear and many a times, people pay more than the level of their expectation. The price of an app depends on many factors as well. Factors like your budget, the platform on which you want your app, its category determines the price of an app. In short, we are going to discuss some of the factors that affect the entire process of costing.

The scope of developing the app has to be known. It has to be seen that the hired app developer must be able to understand your app idea. Just like writing a story, needs a proper understanding of the theme. The app developer must understand every single aspect of your app idea or else developing an app is next to impossible.

The app master or the app developer is the right person, who creates the code or the skeleton of the app. It is similar to the job done by the novelists or the scriptwriters. The hired app developer must understand your need and spend sufficient time in

Top 5 Ideas For a Best Selling App

43So, you have the next big mobile app idea. You just cannot wait to storm the market with this amazing app. It is unique and is going to become the talk of the mobile app world. But, are you really ready to take the plunge?

We are talking about hoards of cash flowing in!!!

Have you chalked out a plan based on concrete facts? Do you have good idea about the demographics of the market you are targeting? If not, your big plan might just come crashing down and someone will definitely seize the opportunity to hijack your idea and turn it profitable.

Do you know how many apps are present in the App Store? The figure is a whopping 1.5 million, enough to plunge any new app into oblivion. However, worry not. Since you have carefully targeted your app to reach the top Smartphone users your app is going to soar above all.

According to recent figures released by Nielsen on the American Smartphone user market 71% of the total American population uses Smartphone on a regular basis. The trend is much higher in the lower

Mobile Apps: Boon Companions for Virtual Events

sssVirtual events are getting immensely popular with each passing day. A large number of corporate organizations have begun hosting conferences, virtual meetings, and seminars especially in the past 5 years.

Even small-sized firms with lower number of employees and highly limited resources are also arranging these events to bring together individuals beyond geographical or physical limitations and barriers.

With revolutionary advancement in mobile technology in the recent times, and the emergence of mobile application development companies, event organizers have started making a very smart use of these highly useful ways in order to add a mobility component to their gatherings and events.

Here, let’s have a discussion over 3 ways by which these technological wonders can add unmatched value to the virtual event you are going to organize –

Mobile Integration with Hybrid Events

Hybrid events provide virtually live connections while utilizing online functionalities. Now, for individuals who are making a plan to host a hybrid event, it is worth getting an application to remain connected with those attending the event, and to have access to quick responses and reactions.

Access Data from Any Location

Many corporate houses are making use

Multi-Featured Laptops in Huge Varieties

4rDay by day, laptops are becoming an essential component of our life. Their demand is consistently increasing due to its heterogeneous uses, whether we are searching for interesting games, fascinating movies or something else. Laptops deliver a great service in terms of their portability. It is a fact that we need internet for collecting any kind of information about any corner of the world and laptops make it easier by providing the best environment for the required output. In the other words, laptops make use of the internet appropriately in a productive manner. An individual can accomplish their tasks like checking emails, doing online research and conducting online transactions, while travelling too, whether in an airplane, train, bus or in any other vehicles.

Gadgets define one’s status in today’s world. People consider that higher the quality and the brand of the acquired gadgets, higher the status. Most of the times we observe that parents promise their children that they will be gifted one of the latest and multi-featured laptops if they will score good marks in their exams. Sometimes, an elder brother brings a

Incredible Mobile Apps You Must Get a Hold Of

ssIf it wasn’t for the mobile apps, our lives would have been very different. Not surprisingly, a lot of you would disagree with this. Let’s stop and look at the amount of times we access our phones, only to look at a specific app. From weight loss to shopping portals, there is absolutely everything you can do through these apps. Every successful business aims to make a helpful app so that it rests in their user’s smart phones.

We could go on about the unlimited uses of mobile apps and how they have changed our lifestyles completely. Let’s take a look at some amazing apps you must install soon!

1. Something

You might have never heard of this, and it isn’t too popular either. Something is an amazing iOS app that helps you access the best stories of Twitter without any hassles. All the Twitter lovers often go through the similar pain of streaming through endless stories, many of which aren’t of any interest to the reader.

When installing Something, you wouldn’t have to face any clutter. Instead, you’ll experience the joys of reading the most interesting articles.

Why Mobile Application Development Service Is Important Today

dbNew devices are being launched every now and then, thanks to ever-growing technology. The evolution of new devices certainly has made the life of an individual a lot easier and convenient, but it has brought many challenges for businesses. Today businesses are not only trying to catch up with the online world but also with the device industry.

In the era of smartphones, just having an up and running website is not enough. According to a recent study, it has shown that more than 45% of Google search results are originating from smartphones. The number is impressive and so is the growth of mobile industry. The need of being available on every internet enabled device has given birth to mobile application development, which signifies the core development of an app specifically for the smartphones and mobile devices.

Does your business need an app?

As a matter of fact, people turn to their mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and iPhones when they have to look for information on the internet. Today where there is an app for almost everything from shopping to booking to gaming to money transfer, your

What You Must Know Before Developing a Mobile App

ddWhether it comes to businesses or individuals, mobile phones have significantly changed our lives. The mobile apps of all kinds of categories that we download on a daily basis have a huge influence on the way we sleep, eat, work and have fun.

Of course, many of us take all this for granted. The truth is that we can’t do without them in today’s times. This is the reason entrepreneurs are always eager to develop a mobile friendly app for their business website.

So what is it about the mobile app that makes it stand out from the rest? Here’s a guide to develop a mobile app!

1. Testing, testing and testing!

Whether you are new in the field of mobile app development or a pro at it, testing is the key. The sooner you understand this, the more desirable the results will be for you. Whether it is a cross-platform app or a platform-specific one, you can’t afford to have faith in your progress if you don’t test it repeatedly.

You do not have to wait till the ends to find out you’ve made a huge mistake. Many

Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Mobile Application Development

rwwMobile application development is definitely one of the most rapidly growing sectors. There are various types of apps in the market today. Some of the most common types of mobile apps are:

  • Social Media Apps
  • Gaming Apps
  • Business Apps
  • Banking Apps
  • eCommerce apps

Trends change quickly and people are businesses need to keep up with the latest trends in order to stay competitive. Here are six such trends that every business must know:

Wearable devices

2015 saw the launch of many smart wearable devices. These devices mark the beginning of a new era in technology. Mobile technology has slowly moved towards wearable technology and this opens up new opportunities for businesses. Especially the healthcare sector can totally benefit from wearable watches and smart sensors that provide them with basic health information on the go.

Mobile connected smart objects

Electric bulbs, toys and domestic appliances that can be connected to mobile devices is one trend that will really catch on in the near future. This interconnected internet of things will communicate via an application on your smart phone. Wireless or electronic control of your home appliances will greatly aid in home automation.

Mobile commerce

Brick and mortar

A Revolutionary Hybrid Laptop

dA revolutionary hybrid laptop, the Spectre x360 is quite sleek and shiny with an aluminum design almost similar to a MacBook. Both the lid and the bottom are of aluminum and silver in color. This 2-in-1 measures 14.8 x 9.75 x 0.63 inches. This laptop is not only beautiful, it is also super thin and light making it very easy to carry. A 15-inch screen and very good performance.


The HP Spectre x360 has been built for endurance and quality. The laptop has a weight of only 1.4 kg. It can easily be carried around on the go. What’s fantastic about this laptop is the hinge. It has been cleverly manufactured and can flip 360 degrees such that the keyboard and screen are back to back effectively turning the laptop into a tablet. When in tablet mode, the keyboard keys are non-responsive so there are no worries about having them touch against the back of the screen. The thinnest of the device makes it also very easy to handle in tablet mode. Another method of using it in tablet mode is to have it

Mobile Performance Testing for Enterprise Mobility Success

maThe idea of ‘Mobile First’ is a reality now. Most organizations now quickly realize this fact.

With the explosive growth of enterprise mobility, mobile apps are becoming a critical part of organization’s’ core business in terms of decision-making, analytics and collaboration.

Organizations are now prioritizing their enterprise mobility initiatives to build a seamless customer experience around their business and upsurge business productivity. Plus, consumers have high expectations from mobile apps.

This is where the performance of mobile apps matters a lot. It is one of the most important factors in delivering a satisfactory user experience. The reason: the rapid growth in mobile solution adoption and increased number of users can potentially overload servers. This can impact the performance of the app. Slow performance, blip or interruption can send many potential customers to a competitor. Moreover, it can even affect the reputation of a business.

This performance impact can vary across different types of mobile devices because a mobile platform does not have the luxury like web/desktop platform. For example, a mobile app or responsive website may respond well on a high-end device but may not provide satisfactory experience

Precautions to Take While Handling Electronic Items

rgElectronic items are loved by all. However, do you know about the precautions that you need to take while using electronics? Well, not many do know a lot about the precautions that need to be taken. Electronic items can be delicate and it is necessary that the proper precautions are taken to protect the device.

Understanding the basics

Electronics and electrical equipments are a very important and inevitable part of day to day lives. However, one needs to know how to handle and use these electronic items as well.

Precautions while handling electronics

All the electrical appliances and electronics are semiconducting devices and have circuit designs. So it is very important to handle them properly so as to minimize damage and malfunction. Circuits can malfunction under different circumstances. One of the most common causes of damage to these electronics is the application of stress like variation is temperature, the rate of current flow and the voltage applied. These variables should always be kept within the limits which are permissible by the manufacturer.

Protection of the pins

Pins are those minute things that connect the semiconductor devices present in the electronic

Publishing And Digital And Electronic Rights

rThe following publishing industry article addresses some of the legal issues arising for publishing lawyers, entertainment attorneys, authors, and others as a result of the prevalence of e-mail, the Internet, and so-called “digital” and “electronic publishing”. As usual, publishing law generally and the law of the digital right and electronic right specifically, governing these commercial activities, has been slow to catch up to the activity itself. Yet most of the publishing industry “gray areas” can be resolved by imposing old common-sense interpretations upon new publishing lawyer and entertainment lawyer industry constructs, including the digital right and electronic right, and others. And if after reviewing this article you believe you have a non-jargonized handle on the distinction between “digital right” and “electronic right” in the publishing context, then I look forward to hearing from you and reading your article, too.

1. “Electronic Right[s]” And “Digital Right[s]” Are Not Self-Defining.

All publishing lawyers, entertainment attorneys, authors, and others must be very careful about the use of jargon – publishing industry jargon, or otherwise. Electronic and digital publishing is a recent phenomenon. Although as a publishing lawyer and

Electronic Music History and Today’s Best Modern Proponents!

mElectronic music history pre-dates the rock and roll era by decades. Most of us were not even on this planet when it began its often obscure, under-appreciated and misunderstood development. Today, this ‘other worldly’ body of sound which began close to a century ago, may no longer appear strange and unique as new generations have accepted much of it as mainstream, but it’s had a bumpy road and, in finding mass audience acceptance, a slow one.

Many musicians – the modern proponents of electronic music – developed a passion for analogue synthesizers in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s with signature songs like Gary Numan’s breakthrough, ‘Are Friends Electric?’. It was in this era that these devices became smaller, more accessible, more user friendly and more affordable for many of us. In this article I will attempt to trace this history in easily digestible chapters and offer examples of today’s best modern proponents.

To my mind, this was the beginning of a new epoch. To create electronic music, it was no longer necessary to have access to a roomful of technology in a studio or live.

What’s In The Future For Electronics Recycling

wvElectronics recycling in the U.S. is growing as the industry consolidates and matures. The future of electronics recycling – at least in the U.S., and perhaps globally – will be driven by electronics technology, precious metals, and industry structure, in particular. Although there are other things that can influence the industry – such as consumer electronics collections, legislation and regulations and export issues – I believe that these 3 factors will have a more profound impact on the future of electronics recycling.

The most recent data on the industry – from a survey conducted by the International Data Corporation (IDC) and sponsored by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) – found that the industry (in 2010) handled approximately 3.5 million tons of electronics with revenues of $5 billion and directly employed 30,000 people – and that it has been growing at about 20% annually for the past decade. But will this growth continue?

Electronics Technology
Personal computer equipment has dominated volumes handled by the electronics recycling industry. The IDC study reported that over 60% by weight of industry input volumes was “computer equipment” (including PCs